Kundalini yoga

What is yoga?

Yoga has been around for millennia, and there are different styles of yoga. In the end, all have the same goal, although the ways to get there may vary.

Yoga means union, between spirit and mind. The aim is to work the different aspects to find a balance between strength and ease, and bring you in a state of mind that is quiet. It also allows an inner connection with you.

What is kundalini yoga?

Kundalini, our vital & creative energy, is often depicted as a snake coiled at the base of the spine, that we try to awaken. It curls up along the spine and the chakras. It represents our creative potential, that lies within every human being.

Kundalini is very specific in its ways to work, with an elaborate system of kriyas (sequences) that most of the time include:

  • asanas (poses)

  • mudras (hand gestures)

  • pranayama (breath work)

  • meditations

  • mantras (the yoga of sound)

  • relaxation

All these techniques, combined, balance the various systems within the body:

  • the nervous system

  • the glandular system 

  • the respiratory system 

  • the digestive system

  • the respiratory system

  • the circulatory system 

  • the immune system etc.

A regular parctice gives the best benefits.

The main aim, although we see the benefits on the body and health, is to elevate your vital force, your creative force, and to allow you to access an elevated state of consciousness, to realize your full potential.

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