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About me


  • Radiant Body Yoga – 200 hrs with Kia Miller,

  • Radiant Body Yoga – 300 hrs with Kia Miller: 

    • Prana & Pranayama

    • Meditation and the Mind

    • Kriya, Flow and the Art of Teaching

    • Awareness & Lifestyle

    • Kundalini & the Radiant Body

  • Energy Medicine Yoga Foundation course, with Lauren Walker

  • Sattva integrative yoga - 300 hrs with Anand Mehrotra

My background


My yoga journey started 20 years ago. Little did I know then that it would become such an integral part of my life!

Thoroughout the years, I have tried and practiced various forms of yoga , and all of them have brought me amazing benefits. I started classically wth Hatha, discovered Vinyasa and Jivamukti, and enjoyed some Yin Yoga as well.

And then I discovered Kundalini. I did not immediately realize how deeply it would touch me .

Probably because kundalini classes generally include various aspects of yoga, asanas (poses) of course but also mantras (singing), mudras (hand gesture), pranayama (breath work), meditation and relaxation.

Witnessing the damages stress causes in our overconnected and speedy times, I found it comforting to see that we have all these tools at hand, that can be shared and that have such a transformative effect.

After 5 years of regular Kundalini workshops, I took a Yoga Alliance certified 500 hrs Radiant Body Teacher Training with Kia Miller.


After that deepening of my practice and knowledge it was no longer possible for me not to teach and share what I had learned.

I then fell into another absolute amazing yoga, Energy Medicine Yoga, that I practice and teach as well. It works on 8 different energy systems and is very rejuvenating. Working on all levels, like Kundalini yoga: on the physical, energetic and mental level.

If you are curious about yoga, or if you just want to introduce some nice habit into your life, feel free to join any class or contact me for a private class or an information.

Looking forward to meeting with you!

On or off the mat.



Tel: +41 78 614 05 07

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