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What & why I teach

After so many years of learning yoga, I found it was about time to start sharing this wonderful practice around me.

Although I have been learning different types of yoga throughout my 15 years of practice, I have fallen in love with kundalini yoga, that I find particularly transformative, and at the same time accessible to everybody, regardless of their fitness level or age.

And I have also dived deeply into another form of energy-based yoga: Energy Medicine Yoga, which combines Energy Medicine and traditional HathaYoga.

In each class we will go beyond the physical aspects of the yoga poses (asanas) and include at least some form of meditation, it could be some breathwork (pranayama), hand gestures (mudras), mantras singing, and of course some relaxation, to consolidate all the benefits from the practice.

Private classes


You prefer smaller settings, one-on-one?

Contact me to schedule private, semi-private and small group classes, customized just for you.

I teach in Geneva and can meet you either at a studio or at your place.

Rates for private/semi-private

Price based on a 60 min duration. If you wish to have a longer class (75, 90 or 120 min) contact me to know the rate.


At your place:

1 class  for 1-2 people =  120.-

5 classes for 1-2 people = 575.- (valid 3 months)

10 classes for 1-2 people = 1100.- (valid 4 months)

1 class for  3-4 people = 140.-

5 classes for 3-4 people = 675.- (valid 3 months)

10 classes for 3-4 people = 1250.- (valid 4 months)


1 class for 1-2 people = 100.-

5 classes for 1-2 people = 475.- (valid 3 months)

10 classes for 1-2 people = 900.- (valid 4 months)

1 class for 3-4 people = 120.-

5 classes for 3-4 people = 575.- (valid 3 months)

10 classes for 3-4 people = 1100.- (valid 4 months)

At the studio:

I am currently not teaching at studios, but contact me if this is your favored choice.

Where I teach

Currently a bit nomad, I teach mainly online and some workshops in person. Check my schedule to be informed or subscribe to my newsletter (link in the footer)

Schedule & Rates

For the schedule and rates, please refer to the related page.

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