"And maybe the best present is to be present"

Kundalini yoga
What is kundalini yoga


Kundalini is one among the several types of yoga that have formed during the millenia-long history of yoga.

It is quite a deep and transformative practice, that build up you energy, pose after pose, breath after breath...

What is yoga


There are several lineages in yoga, given that this practice is more that two millenia old.

Among all the different types of yoga, I have chosen  to teach the ones that are focused around energy.

You would like yoga to be part of your life?

Read more about the type of class I offer, and see the different options, whether you would like to be surrounded by other yogis in a nice atmosphere, or if you would rather do it one-on-one in your home.

Yoga is a lifestyle

It does indeed not limit itself to your time on the mat. Bit by bit you will see that when we are at peace with ourselves we can live our life to the fullest. We pay more attention not only to our practice, but also to our food, our relationships, our life as a whole.

40-day yoga practice
Aug 24, 7:00 AM
If you want to put in place a nice routine for the "rentrée" (back to school), I invite you to join us

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to make
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