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Mantra & yoga of sound

Updated: May 16, 2018

You will notice that in Kundalini yoga we use often mantras. Why is that?

Mantras chanting has so many effects, and benefits, and I will list some here, but test for yourself!

A mantra is a sound current that you pulse across the mind to create a specific effect.

Each mantra is like a mathematical formula.  It creates a measurable effect.  It can alter the patterns and chemistry of the brain.

The power of the mantra come from the rhythmical repetition and the meaning, as well as the breathing pattern that accompanies it.

Even if you do not understand the words, the mantra will have some effects.

Mantra chanting has been done for thousands of years. It, works through the combination of tongue movement, language and chemical changes.

While chanting, the tongue hits the upper palate of the mouth where 84 meridian points are located. As you stimulate each meridian point, it sends signals to the hypothalamus. Just like you’re typing on a computer or a piano.

Special patterns within mantra stimulate the hypothalamus to change the chemistry of the brain in specific ways: You can strengthen the immune system, balance different parts of the brain, regulate sleep hormones, etc.

Chanting can open huge emotional blocks. It can be soothing, reduce anxiety and depression, or simply make you feel good.

You do not have to "sing well", it is not about singing in the usual sense. It works as long as it is done from the heart.

Mantra chanting and meditation

While meditating, using a mantra helps to keep the mind focused, and prevents you from thinking to much. When combined with breathing, visualizing, keeping a mudra (hand gesture), you cannot think about mundane things at the same time (like what you are going to have for dinner or your shopping list) or worry too much. You will notice that you calm your mind and reach a certain state.

Depending on the mantra, it can be recited silently, whispering or chanting.

You can do it on your own, within a group, or just listening. Even if you just listen to a mantra, you will feel the effects, as the vibration will touch you.

Remember to listen:

It’s not all about chanting. Its about listening, too. In a group or alone, remember to listen as well, to your inner voice and to the group that surrounds you.


As I regularly use mantras during classes, I share here with you some mantras that I enjoy and that you might be happy to listen to or to sing along.

And you what music and sound are you feeding your soul with?

Share your favorites with me in the comments.

The only thing better than singing is more singing
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