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Recharge, Renew, Reconnect

Gruyère, Switzerland

Come and join us for the weekend to Recharge, Renew, and Reconnect to yourself. A moment to immerse yourself in beautiful nature, away from your responsibilities and obligation. Immersed in Nature, spending time to deeply recharge and raise your energy through sound healing, meditation and yoga. A time just for you, to raise your vibration and revitalize your system through sound, stillness, movement, connection to yourself and to others.

GRUYÈRE, 31 May - 2 June 2024
A time for YOU​

If you feel that life seems to be like running in a hamster wheel, take a moment to PAUSE, get away from your daily life, your obligations, to do list, and just be. All practices will be an invitation to reconnect to your needs, your desires and what is important for you. Remember, you can't help anyone is you feel depleted. You need to fill your own cup first. Then you have the energy to interact with and support people around you.


We will practice my favorite tools to cultivate our energy and work on our vitality: movement, meditation, breathwork and relaxation.

You will have several long yoga sessions, allowing you to realign physically, energetically and mentally.

The morning sessions will be vitalizing, to provide you with a beautiful energy for the day, and the evening practices will be more relaxing. Everyone is welcome to join, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned student.

All yoga practices, whether from Kundalini yoga , Energy Medicine Yoga or Yin Yoga will work on our various systems helping the body come into balance and feel vibrant.

sound healing
Sound journeys (sound healing)

Each part of the body is invited to find its initaly frequency though the sound.

The deep state of relaxation induced by this powerful sound massage helps to settle down, let go, calm the mind, reduce stress, regulate our heartbeat, release tension,  soothe and allow us to feel vibrant and alive!


These sound journeys will deeply  relax the nervous system.



You will explore different meditation modalities, whether it is mindfulness, guided meditation or other types of meditation coming from the yogic tradition.


Meditation allows you to get to spend some time with yourself and get to know yourself better. When you practice regulary you find that you become less reactive and you have more distance with external events beyond your control. You focus more on what you can indeed control: your inner state and your reaction to what happens to you.


Our Chalet is surrounded by Nature, in the very pittoresque area of Gruyère.

During your free time you will have the opportunity to explore the area, and connect to Mother Earth. Grounding (Earthing) is also a great way to fully recharge. And May is a beautiful month when the energy is really rising, Nature is in in full bloom and the main color is vibrant green.

This sounds like a dream!

This retreat is for you if any of these sounds like YOU!
  • You long to finally have time to connect to yourself, to your needs and desires


  • You long for deep and authentic connections and to  feel a sense of community

  • You want to increase your energy and vitality

  • You want to be totally immersed in natural environment helping you ground and relax

  • You want to fully recharge, feel alive!

  • You want to feel inspired and vibrant

Is thisfor me?
We will start the opening circle on Friday 31 May at 5:30 pm and we will close the retreat on Sunday after the brunch.
Daily program
Friday, 31 May
16:30 settle in
17:30 opening circle + meditation

18.45 dinner
20:15 sound journey
Saturday, 1 June
08:00 meditation  
08:30 yoga
10:30 sound journey 
11:00 brunch
free time (rest, read, 
have a massage,  go for a walk...)
16:30 yoga
18:00 yin yoga and sound journey
18.45 dinner
Sunday, 2 June

08:00 guided meditation  (optional)
08:30 yoga
10:30 sound journey 
11:00 brunch


I totally see myself there!

Our home
Our home - Chalet St Paul

Our home for this retreat is surrounded by beautiful nature, quietness and is very cosy. It will be very easy, in such a place to ground, relax, and come in harmony with Nature's rhythm. 

Accomodation is single rooms.

Healthy food

You will enjoy 2 meals a day (brunch and dinner), made of healthy, delicious, plant-based food, cooked with love.

You will also have all-day access tea, coffee and fruit.

About us
Your Teachers

Certified mindfulness instructor through two programs from the MBSR program by Jon Kabat-Zinn.
Certified sound therapist, she is seduced by the well-being felt in contact with the singing bowls, by the nobility of the object itself, by its magical sounds as well as by its therapeutic vibrations.

She very much enjoys playing for groups (sound meditations) or giving individual therapies.


Has almost two decades of yoga practice, five years serving as a teacher and she loves sharing all the practices she has learned along the way. She is especially passionate about energy work, and all the yoga she teaches integrate that dimension, be it in kundalini yoga or Energy Medicine Yoga. She also loves to offer a full yoga experience and includes not only the yoga poses but also breathwork, mantras, mudras, meditation and relaxation


Early Bird (until  20  March)
650 CHF per person (accommodation in a single room) 

Regular price (until 20 May)
690 CHF per person (accommodation in a single room )

What's included​

  • 2-night stay in a chalet

  • All organic meals  (brunch & dinner) 

  • 3 Yoga sessions

  • 4 meditation sessions

  • 4 sound journeys

What's NOT included​

  • transport to the premises

  • option to have a 1-on-1 yoga practice specific to your needs

  • option to receive massages or energetic work.

Booking & Conditions

To secure booking: 50% deposit. The balance is to be paid by 20 May. You will receive the bank details for payment in the automatic email once you sign up. You spot is confirmed only once we have received the deposit.

Cancellation policy: in case of cancellation after 20 May 2024, a refund is only possible if a suitable replacement is found.  If cancellation happens before paying the balance, note that the deposit is not reimbursed.

I'm in! I want to register



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