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Cours privés


Vous préférez un cours individuel ou en petit groupe?

Contactez-moi pour fixer un cours privé, semi-privé ou en petit groupe, sur mesure, adapté à vos besoins particuliers.

J'enseigne à Genève et je peux vous proposer un cours particulier dans un studio ou à votre domicile.


à domicile:

Cours de 60 min pour  1-2 personnes =  120.-
Cours de 60 min pour  3-4 personnes = 140.-

en studio:

vérifiez les tarifs appliqués directement sur le site des studios, ou contactez-moi

Le yoga que j'enseigne

Après de nombreuses années de pratique du yoga, j'ai ressenti le besoin de partager autour de moi cette merveilleuse pratique.

Au cours de mes quelques 15 ans de yoga, j'ai eu l'occasion d'apprendre différents styles de yoga, mais c'est le yoga de la kundalini qui m'a le plus apporté, et qui me correspond le plus. Je trouve qu'il a un fort pouvoir de transformation, tout en restant accessible à tous, indépendamment de l'âge, la souplesse, la force etc.

Dans chaque cours j'essaierai d'aller au delà des postures physiques (asanas), et d'inclure au moins une forme de méditation, que ce soit à travers des pratiques respiratoires (pranayama), des postures des mains (mudras), du yoga du son (mantras), et bien sûr une relaxation pour consolider tous les bénéfices de la pratique.

Où j'enseigne

Actuellement surtout en ligne, en raison du Covid, mais la situation change rapidement, donc vérifiez ma page horaire


Rue Alfred Vincent 5

1201 Genève

Family Acupuncture

rue Ami-Lullin 9

1207 Genève

Horaire & tarifs

Pour l'horaire et les tarifs, veuillez consulter les pages relatives.

  • Is yoga for me?
    Yoga is open and accessible to everyone, regardless of your age, fitness level, flexibility. You just need an open mind and to connect to your breath. Everything else will follow
  • What do I need to bring with me?
    For studio classes, mats, blocks and blankets are provided. You can still choose to bring your own mat if you prefer. For private classes, I recommand brining your own mat. Do wear comfortable clothes. No shoes needes, as the practice will be barefoot. You can keep your socks for the beginning of the class or the relaxation when the body temperature drops.During the class you will need to remove them at some point, to avoid slipping! Light colors and natural fibers are preferable, but it is a personal choice. Wear something you enjoy wearing. No special material is needed, that is the beauty of yoga. You can practice anytime anywhere.
  • What does a typical kundalini yoga class look like?
    Each class will have a different topic and sequencing, but generally, when time allows, I will try to include various forms of yoga into it, such as: pranayama (breath work) mudras (hand gestures) asanas (poses) warm-up asanas (poses) - main sequence mantras (yoga of sound) meditation and / or relaxation. The order may vary, depending of the intention of the practice, and the sequence chosen, but this is a general outline. Often between two exercises we stay still to allow the energy and benefits of the previous pose to consolidate.
  • In what is yoga different from other physical activities?
    Although yoga has many health and physical benefits, it also works on balancing our energy, stabilizing our emotions and moods, and allows a connection to ourselves, to be present in the now. A yoga practice is a good complement to other sports activities, as it also allows for a lot of stretching, strenghening and develops the breath capacity.
  • Do I need to register or pay before coming?
    It is always best to register in advance, also to secure your spot. To do so, please refer to the Schedule page, select your class, and follow the process. For private classes, contact me directly
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