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It is such a natural thing to do, and it brings so many benefits to both body and mind!

Earthing (or grounding - walking barefoot or at least having a contact with the ground) brings back the electric state of the body and allows for an optimal health. The main benefits of earthing are its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

We all feel such a well-being when we walk barefoot. We feel free and rejuvenated


Our feet, with some 1300 nervous endings, in our modern world, barely touch the ground (we wear synthetic soles, high heels) and we no longer sleep directly on the ground.

The comfort from modern life style does not bring only advantages and has negative effects on our well-being, even if we do not always connect the dots. We are totally disconnected to the Earth, and we are not meant to live like that

The Earth is an electric planet, and we are bio-electric beings. Our body works with electricity. Suffice to think about our nervous system or our heart.

Earthing allows us to get more negative electrons (like the Earth) and fight against free radicals (responsible for the body damages and premature aging).

Just as the sun provides us with Vitamin D, the Earth provides us with Vitamin G (for Ground).

We have forgotten the numerous benefits from Earthing, including by simply walking barefoot. This connection maintains the natural electric state of the body, allows us to maintain good health and the good functioning of our organs.

What are the benefits?

  • it reduces inflammations

  • it reduces chronic pains

  • it improves the quality of sleep

  • it reduces stress

  • it improves the energy levels

  • it balances the body biorhythm

  • it things the blood

  • it alleviates the hormonal and PMS symptoms

  • it alleviates jet-lag symptoms

  • etc...

Our best medicine are always accessible and don't cost a dime:

  • sun

  • fresh air

  • sea

  • rest

  • ... and earthing!

Take the opportunity of your summer break to walk barefoot, swim in the sea or the ocean ( a lake or river will do as well!), and replenish all good vibration, and notice how you feel!

"The physician treats, but nature heals. ” ― Hippocrates (460-377 BC)
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