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Happy spring & Happy International Happiness Day! :-)

Today is Spring Equinox, a time celebrated for centuries, when days get longer and we feel this energy rising after the long winter months. Nature seems to wake up and so do we!

There is definitely something new in the air. Birds are singing, days are longer, the light is different, and we all seem to come out this lethargy linked to winter months.

This new energy is supporting us in our endeavors, so Spring Equinox is a good time to start fresh.

No wonder why it is a time when we quite naturally do some spring cleaning.

If you do so in our home, why not with our body and mind?

In many traditions, spring is a time for detoxifying, for instance with fasting (before Easter for instance), eating lighter food, and Nature provide us with young greens (dandelion, stinging nettle), bitter food that are great for our liver. No wonder that traditional Chinese medicine connects spring to the liver and the gallbladder.

Each season in Chinese medicine is linked to an organ, and that organ is associated to an emotion. The liver is connected to anger.

So spring is a good time to detox our liver, and also our emotions. Some kriyas (kundalini yoga sequences) allow us to remove anger and resentment.

Come and join me on Friday to release stress, anger and resentment.

Alternatively you can join me on Sunday when we will work on poses to free our shoulders, back, hips and hamstrings. A focus on the breath will assist us and help us release years of stress and tensions.

This concludes our March focus on stress release.

But you see how it all comes together: we release mental tensions, anger, physical tensions, gain flexibility in our body but most importantly in our mind and our emotions.

Another way to celebrate spring is also to celebrate Happiness Day. Take time this week to notice all the things that you take for granted: it can be big ones (we live in a peaceful & safe country, we have access to work, education, health), or small ones (someone smiling at you, a bird singing on your balcony, a ray of sunshine during lunch break, a nice conversation with a neighbor or a friend).

Make sure you do you pass by these elements in life which in the end are what make life worthwhile.

" Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans"

- John Lennon

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