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What do you eat after a yoga class to keep your energy? What about an energy ball?

Updated: Feb 24, 2018

These delicious, tasty, energy balls, are raw, vegan, organic, and made with love.

What could be best for you?

Orange-coconut bliss balls


5 fresh dates

1 orange

2 dl cashew nuts (unsalted)

1,5 dl shredded coconut

15 dried apricots

To decorate:

Grated coconut

Optional : grated orange peel

1. Whizz the dates

2. Put half of the orange zest into the preparation, the other half can be used for decoration. Cut the orange in two, and press the juice. Put 0.5 dl in the preparation.

3. Add the cashew nuts, grated coconut and dried apricots. Mix everything until everything is thinly cut.

4. Take the paste and shape it in a sausage. Cut 20 slices and roll them into balls.

5. Roll the balls in the grated coconut.

Carrot-cardamom bliss balls


  • 1dl grated carrots

  • 1dl cashew nuts

  • 1.5dl rolled oats

  • 10 dates

  • 1tsp cardamom powder

  • 1 pinch sea salt

to decorate

  • 0.5dl shredded coconut

Put all ingredients in the blender.

Shape the balls in your hands.

Keep refrigerated


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