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Winter or not winter anymore?

Updated: May 16, 2018

Although it is still cold outside, according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) we are in an inter-season already, between winter and spring, the latter starting mid-February.

So how do you best make use of this energy shift?

This month I will focus on two things that are essential for a good health, as we can feel a bit tired, surrounded by sick people coughing, spending way too much time indoors, and not having much light (short days in the Northern Hemisphere).

1. For the Friday evening class I invite you to get rid of stress, by both shaking the old stagnant energy out the body, with vigorous asans (poses), and some breathwork and meditation to calm the mind.

2. For the Sunday morning class, I invite you to cleanse the lymphs, which are the guardians of our health. We will use a lot of arm exercises, some dreaded (but so beneficial) frog poses and finally have a beautiful meditation accompanied by a mantra.

Of course all these practices only suppport other good habits, so don't neglect quality food (organic, cruelty-free),enough sleep (but not too much either!), harmonious relationships, creative work, soul-filling reading, and if possible avoid anything draining your energy down, from toxic relationships to depressing news in the media, overloaded schedule, etc.

You know what is good for you, just make sure you keep connected to that inner voice, and to any signal/symptom coming from your body. Any discomfort or pain, is a message from your wise body asking you to change something in your habits.

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